My Open History Notebook

9 February 2016

I’ve long advocated open history as something we should pursue as historians. Along those ends, I’ve been inspired by Caleb McDaniel, Lincoln Mullen, and Shawn Graham and their use of open notebooks. Caleb, in particular, led me to try out Gitit, a git-backed wiki platform written in Haskell and tightly integrated with my favorite command line tool, pandoc. I loved using Gitit, but there were a few little things that bugged me about it.

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This post also appears at BlogWest. At the root of these controversies was not just “interest” in the conventional sense of an economic stake but values. The economic interest of producers undergirded their opposition. But at a deeper level of human response was the degree to which producers’ values were offended. They could not accept the notion that what environmentalists thought was useful and valuable was, in fact, so. —Samuel Hays The federal government administers a lot of Western land.

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