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Hi. I'm Jason.

I am the Academic Technology Specialist in the Department of History at Stanford University, where I collaborate with faculty and graduate students on digital history research, teaching, and publishing. Most of my work focuses on data visualization, humanities design, and digital and spatial history. I write here regularly on my blog, contribute to the BlogWest group blog, and co-host The First Draft podcast and Overanalyze podcast.

I am a 20th century U.S. historian specializing in environmental, the North American West, and digital and public history. I am currently working on a book manuscript titled Machines in the Valley: Community, Urban Change, and Environmental Politics in Silicon Valley. The book describes the emergence of the Silicon Valley as a political project closely tied to the region's environment, while also charting a story of "nature" becoming a central political issue. I'll have more information about my manuscript in my Open History Notebook where I keep notes and research material for various projects.

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