👋 I'm Jason. I am a historian, academic librarian, and design technologist living in Omaha. I have been building digital tools for research and learning for 8+ years.

Previously, I led digital history, data visualization, and software design projects at Stanford University, and before that managed the William F. Cody Digital Archive. I’m also a founding member and co-lead of Endangered Data Week, helping raise awareness around threats to publicly available data. I’m currently a mentor with Mozilla Open Leaders.

I’ve taught classes on programming, design, visualization, web cartography, and network analysis. You can find me on Twitter, Github, LinkedIn, and Medium. Feel free to email me at jason@jasonheppler.org. If it’s a sensitive email, you can grab my public key for that address or reach me at jason.heppler@protonmail.com. I’m also jaheppler on Keybase.