February 12
Democratic Typography
February 10


The IndieWeb
November 30
Paper notes
November 8
Twitter Use at WHA2019
October 22
Omaha Zoning
June 23
Alan Brinkley, RIP
June 17
Making my Budget Peloton
February 8
AHA 2019
January 2


Twitter Use at WHA2018
October 23
Overcast 4.2
May 7
Software I Use
April 14
Advocacy, training, and awareness through Endangered Data Week
March 2
Teaching the tidyverse to R novices
February 27
Endangered Data Week
February 21
Migrating to Hugo
January 12


December 5
Mapping Omaha Bikes
September 6
Arguing with Digital History
August 18
Standing up for Net Neutrality
July 5
Recent Updates on Data Visualization
June 19
Mapping Midwest
June 6
May 23
Introducing Endangered Data Week
April 24


Digital History at the AHA: Workshops, Roundtables, Sessions
December 31
September 22
Syllabus for Teaching Digital Public History
August 26
My Open History Notebook
February 9
Federal Policy, Western Lands, and Malheur
January 6


Visualizing the Wars of the United States
September 28
Podcasts Redux
June 6
United States Historical Cities Populations
May 7
AeroPress Recipes
April 9
The Budget Guide to NCPH
March 22
How We Do DH
March 19
D3 in Action
March 12
Bulletproof Coffee: Debunking the Hot Buttered Hype
February 21
Humanistic Approaches to Data Visualization
January 18
Interview with Matt Burton
January 10
The Machines in the Valley Digital History Project
January 2


The View from New York
December 31
Teaching Digital History
December 30
Research Design and Geography of the Post
October 30
CShapes: Historical Country Boundaries
September 21
Syllabus for Digital History
September 21
First Draft Podcast: Liberation Technology
July 29
First Draft Podcast: Humanities Savior Narrative
July 22
Environmental History at the 2014 Western History Association Conference
July 17
First Draft Podcast: The Pragmatic Tyranny of Building Digital Artifacts
July 14
Simple Parsing CSV to JSON
July 12
Editorial is a Powerful, Flexible iOS App for Text Editing
June 30
Use Copy for Cloud Storage Backup and File Sharing
June 23
What does Missile Command have to do with Digital History?
June 4
Day of DH: The Historian
April 8
Day of DH: The Collaborative Historian
April 8
Day of DH: The Spatial Historian
April 8
Blue Bottle Buys Tonx
April 8
Western History and the California Drought
February 22


The Campaign Against Coffee
December 30
Atlas of Historical Geography of the United States
December 25
December 23
Coffee Brewing Guides
December 22
Digital History Interview with BlogWest
December 17
Using Omekadd and Bash Together
November 17
What Crisis in the Humanities?
November 2
Converting Plain Text to PDF with Bash
October 30
Digital History at Stanford
October 18
My Alt-Ac Life
October 2
Dr Bunsen Coffee Experiments
October 1
Amazon Pairs Print and Digital Books
September 3
The Forgotten Home of Coffee
September 1
Github for Writers
August 30
Using Editorial and Bibkeys Together
August 21
Getting Started with D3
August 6
Evernote Reminders
July 31
Don't Forget Google Reader Goes Dark Monday
June 27
On Tornadoes
May 20
The Digital Public Library of America
April 28
Mendeley and Open Access
April 12
History Harvest Blitz Week
April 5
Interview for Digital History@Rice
March 17
The Link Blog Experiment
February 23
Secrets of Data Visualization
February 23
The MOOC Bubble
February 3
Parsing CSV Data with Ruby
January 27
Defining Digital Humanities
January 8


E-book Readership Rising While Print Declines
December 28
Digital Jubilee
December 15
About Beards
December 13
Perspective Icons for Omnifocus
December 13
Fussy Coffee
December 11
Using Text Expansion in My Research Workflow
December 7
Word Processor Mode in Vim
December 5
New Job, Joining Stanford
December 3
1970s Homebrew Computer Club Newsletters
November 27
Remove Multiple Open With Entries in Finder
November 26
OmniFocus Workflow and Notes
November 26
Using AppleScript to Automate Notetaking
November 24
The Beards of Silicon Valley
November 23
The Silicon Prairie
November 21
Using Markdown Like an Academic
November 20
Lorem Ipsum Block in Sublime Text
November 17
Searching My Brain
November 14
What Your Web Design Says About You
November 10
Star Wars Episode VII May Have Found Its Writer
November 9
Evernote 5's New iOS Interface
November 8
Africa's Silicon Savannah
November 1
Ethiopian Kids Hack OLPCs
November 1
Opening Marked in Vim
October 16
Better Web Scraping with Nokogiri
October 12
Building Your Own Memex
October 10
Github Training
October 8
The Blossom Coffee Machine
October 2
Bit Rot
September 29
How the Internet Ruined San Francisco
September 27
Grad Students Guide to Good Coffee
September 24
Fewer Copyright Restrictions Benefit the Economy
September 21
The NSA Data Center in the West
September 19
Handy Guide to Regular Expressions
September 18
Resources for the Academic Job Market
September 12
Turning 28
September 5
On Podcasts
September 1
One Giant Leap
August 28
Towards Better PDF Management with the Filesystem
August 13
The Tech Specs of Curiosity
August 8
Backup Now
August 6
Indulge in Curiosity
July 25
Mangling the Origins of the Early Internet
July 23
UCI Study Finds People Who Check Email Less Frequently Have Better Focus
July 18
What the Internet Looks Like
July 16
The Vertue of the Coffee Drink
July 16
What I've Learned as an Academic Blogger
July 11
Digital History Training Becoming Common in Public History Programs
July 10
Writing for History Buffs
July 10
The Busy Trap
July 9
Google Tracking Wildfires in the West
July 5
Becoming a Stylish Writer
July 5
Dotfiles on Github
June 16
How to Brew French Press Coffee
June 15
A Few New Scripts
June 7
AHA Forming a Task Force on Digital Scholarship
June 6
Popup Footnotes
June 6
An Alternative GTD System
June 4
Content on the Web
May 24
Forking the Rubyist Historian
May 21
The Bastards Book of Ruby
May 16
It's About the Problem
May 15
World Aeropress Championship
May 15
Hemingway on Writing
May 10
Open Source Data Journalism Handbook Launched
May 8
Adam Lisagor's AeroPress Tribute
April 25
A Simple Ruby NGram Generator
April 24
1862 Great Plains Symposium
March 28
Full Trash
March 3
Give It Five Minutes
March 1
The Internet is Not Broken
February 29
The French Press Method
February 15
Journals in the Digital Age
February 5
The Paleo Diet
February 2
Redefining Scholarship in the Digital Age
January 22
Standing Against SOPA
January 18
A Call to Redefine Historical Scholarship in the Digital Age
January 13
Digital History at the AHA
January 5
THATCamp Proposal: Programming in the Humanities
January 4


New Year
December 31
A Literary History of Word Processing
December 27
Legacy Research
December 17
Directions in Digital Humanities Research
December 7
Alone Together
December 1
Who Controls the Master Switch
November 17
What My lolcat Ate For Breakfast
November 9
The Architecture of Humanities Cyberspace
November 3
Peer Reviewing Writing History in the Digital Age
October 27
The Obligation of Open Access
October 25
Latour and the Social
October 20
Models for Narrative in Digital Humanities
October 12
The Information: A History, a Theory, a Flood by James Gleick
October 11
SpecLab and Digital Aesthetics
October 6
Thanks, Steve
October 6
Remembering Steve Jobs
October 5
Spatial Humanities and Visual Narratives
September 28
Digital Humanities at the 2012 American Historical Association
September 26
Information and Data in the Digital Age
September 22
Electronic Text and the Digital Humanities
September 14
The Medium of Digital Humanities
September 4
Organizing Knowledge and the Future of the Humanities
September 1
The Digital Humanities Seminar
August 29
Project 2000 - Apple Computer
August 23
Constructing a Digital Humanists' C.V.
August 4
Using Notational Velocity
July 22
Own Your Identity
July 14
On Writing and Notebooks
July 11
Twitter from the Command Line
July 9
Grown Up Computing
June 29
Silicon Valley and the Cold War
June 29
Writing in the Age of Distraction
June 29
How Books Are Made, 1947 Style
June 29
Internet Predictions from 1982
June 29
The Market for Digital Textbooks
June 28
US Supreme Court Rules Video Games Protected Under the First Amendment
June 27
Self-Publishing is About to Get Real
June 27
What Happens On the Internet Every Sixty Seconds
June 27
Why Macs Cost More Than PCs
June 26
Dropbox Breach Affects Fewer Than 100 Accounts
June 26
Visualizing Historical Data and the Rise of Digital Humanities
June 9
Gaming the Archives
May 29
Of Goats and Headaches
May 27
Digital Humanities: Not Building, But Sharing
May 25
Writing and the Problem of Quick Consumption
May 18
Designing Digital History
May 10
The Humanities Done Digitally
May 9
Longform Writing on the Web
May 3
The Challenge of Writing
April 28
Migrating to Jekyll
April 19
Go Write
April 3
Alternative Scholarly Publishing
March 29
Code School
March 22
Day of DH
March 17
"You think you are being a leader, but you are probably being a manager."
March 15
Initial Thoughts on TileMill
March 15
Go Be Awesome
March 13
Instapaper 3.0
March 12
A Web Designed for Reading
March 4
Upgrading Windows
March 4
How Twitter's TOS Changes Hurt Academic Research
March 3
Digital Historical Research
March 3
The American Literature Scholar in the Digital Age
March 3
Editing in the Digital Age
March 3
Apple iPad 2
March 2
Defending the Humanities
March 2
Coverage of the Apple Event
March 2
Digital History and Continuous Deployment
March 2
What Scholars Want from the Digital Public Library of America
March 1
Why I Don't Use A Commenting System
March 1
Using Vim
February 14
What is the Internet?
February 14
FREQr Version 2
February 13
Programming Guides
February 8
Stanford Tool DataWrangler
February 3
Less Yack, More Hack
February 2
Creating a Government-less Internet
January 30
Learn How to Code
January 30
EFF Uncovers Widespread FBI Violations
January 30
The Importance of No
January 26
Hiring Front-End Engineers
January 25
January 23
Road Train Technology
January 19
Netflix Spends 20 Times More on Postage than Bandwidth
January 18
Facebook and the Problem of Publics
January 16
The Rubyist Historian: Our First Program
January 12
The Rubyist Historian: Randomness
January 8
The Rubyist Historian: Working With Advanced Data
January 7
The Rubyist Historian: Arrays and Hashes
January 4
The Rubyist Historian: Loops and Control Structures
January 2
RSS is Dying
January 2


The Rubyist Historian: Methods and Classes
December 31
URL Design
December 30
The Rubyist Historian: Getting Started
December 29
Net Neutrality
December 23
Why We Program
December 22
A Great Year for Ruby
December 14
Start Using CSS3 and HTML5 Now
December 11
The Rubyist Historian: The Series
December 10
How I Learned Code
December 3
Ruby vs. Python
November 28
FREQr, a Command Line Word Frequency Generator
November 28
Refocusing on Content
November 28
Pianobar, Your Command Line Pandora Client
November 24
Long Live the Web
November 20
Douglas Rushkoff, Program or Be Programmed
October 11
Some Good Words to Live By
October 10
Open Access Scholarship and Computers in the Humanities
October 8
Back to Blog (Basics)
October 8
Excuse the Mess
October 3
Preparing for Your Semester Teaching Assistantship
August 10


Tool Review: TokenX and Language Analysis
October 25
Tool Review: Google Earth for Digital Historians
September 7
Digital History as a Research Methodology
June 3
Foundational Material in Digital History
April 20


Framing Red Power: Newspapers and the Trail of Broken Treaties
December 18
How To: Designing Digital History
November 29
Open Source Scholarship, and Why History Should Be Open Source
November 8
The Dell Mini 9: A Historian's Review
November 8
The WHA: A Debrief
October 26
The Promise of Digital History
September 18
Kindle as a Metaphore for the History Web
May 2
The Challenge of Digital History
April 23
Liveblogging the Rawley: The Historical Community Online
April 12
Bobley Visits UNL
April 8