Omaha Food, Bars, and Coffee

Omaha is hidden gem in the food world – this city has great food. You expect to find amazing food in Chicago, San Francisco, Philadelphia, and elsewhere, but Omaha has its own special mix of cultures and neighborhoods, farmers markets, community gardens, and street food. What follows is my personal list of the best food, bars, and coffee in Omaha. There’s other food guides if you’re after best-in-class dining, but I’m interested in food experiences that might be overlooked by visitors. You might be eating your food on a curb with plastic utensils, but trust me: the food is amazing.

TL;DR: If you’re visiting from out of town, you should grab coffee at Muglife, a slice of pizza from Nolis, and ice cream from Ted and Wally’s topped off with an espresso from Archetype across the street.

This is an evolving list as I explore new places in town, so check back often!

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